Consolidated Administration Tool

We built cat to work faster than Provision with more capabilities than Provision and cheaper than Provision

Announcement Checker Tool

Very fast backups of VAL and MG audio sources. Audit capability to see if announcements are in the correct locations. Corrects errors of missing or inconsistent files within audio groups.


Probe and Hammer your IVR

Place test calls on a scheduled basis to an IVR and interact with it via DTMF or speech (using TTS). Email notifications when expected response is not received on test calls. Use for testing a new IVR before launch; use every day to verify all your IVRs. 


Upload and Transcribe WAVs

Upload wav files and receive transcriptions from AWS and GCP with confidence scores delivered in an email.

Send One Time Messages

Securely send sensitive messages to others by using otm, a web site that allows you to send a self-destructing message to others to ensure privacy.


SBC Scraper Tool

A tool to continuously scrape active call counts from ASBCEs. Useful for PRI to SIP migration projects and ongoing monitoring. Verified on R8.x ASBCEs.

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