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Scope Services

A fast growing contractor for large utilities companies, Scope Services had outgrown their on-premise contact center, which was a key part of their offering to the their customers. Migrating to Amazon Connect immediately improved their visibility to key metrics in their contact center that allowed them to scale faster whilst improving customer and agent satisfaction. Amazon Connect allows Scope Services to offer more capabilities in service to their customers and their end customers.

“This data insight allows us to drive better decision making across not only Contact Center Operations, but as we set our business and strategic objectives.”

– Mike Pfarrer,
VP of IT, Scope Services, Inc.

VT.Team quickly sketched out the required call flows and integrations; then built, tested, and launched Production within 24 hours.

About Scope Services
Scope Services is a premier utility and large commercial contractor with the following areas of expertise:

  • Electric, Water & Natural Gas Metering
  • Meter Installation, Reading & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency & Demand Response
  • Workforce Solutions & Governmental Contracting
  • Energy Distribution & Substations


  • Migrate from a legacy and poorly performing on-premise contact center to a CCaaS solution in Amazon Connect
  • Provide future capabilities beyond voice channel for growing customer base
  • Integration to their home-grown CRM tool to allow outbound campaign management and screen pop for inbound calls


  • Deploy Amazon Connect
  • Custom outbound dialer solution leveraging Amazon Connect


  • Great visibility in to contact center metrics
  • Improved agent and customer satisfaction
  • Better answering rates using Amazon Connect for outbound campaign management
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