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PhoneGuru101 sees significant improvement on user adoption with Amazon Connect and Amazon PinPoint

A leading provider of eLearning end user content focused on enterprise telecom providers such as Avaya and Cisco.
PhoneGuru101 provides eLearning content for deskphone, softphone and other associated applications. To date, they have delivered over 1.5 million courses.

The company needed to support a large enterprise rollout to 400 locations, with locations migrating each week over a 12 month period. PhoneGuru101 turned to VT.Team and Amazon Web Services to deliver targeted SMS messages to
users 1 week before their location migrated and again on the day of the migration. This was delivered by Amazon PinPoint with a text message that contained a shortened URL, and option to CHAT or receive a VOICE call or STOP further messages. The solution also did not send further messages if the eLearning platform had marked a particular users course as complete.

“Adding timed and automated SMS messages and offering the ability to interact with our trainers via SMS and voice calls has vastly improved our service offering to our customers”

– Terri Lauderbaugh,
Chief Education Officer, PhoneGuru101

The solution was rounded off with an Amazon Connect reporting package called Kigali – a solution from AWS Partner CodeSoftware. This provided out of the box historical and real-time reporting for PG101, and will grow with the company over time.

VT.Team worked with the PG101 team to design the solution to meet the primary goal of improved user adoption; with our expertise in the Amazon Connect ecosystem we were able to quickly provide a working pilot, and we quickly moved from Pilot to Production. We were pleased to see another successful Amazon Connect contact center take flight!

About PhoneGuru101
PhoneGuru101 is a leading provider of eLearning based end user training for telephone systems. Delivers eLearning content for Avaya & Cisco deskphones, softphones and other applications. Has provided over 1.5 million courses to enterprises and their users around the world


  • Increase user adoption within the enterprise, with targeted, timely end user communication Escalate to an agent via SMS or voice call
  • Robust reporting for SMS and voice interactions with customer
  • Minimal investment but scalable.


  • Use Amazon PinPoint to deliver messages to users to their SMS-enabled DID
  • SMS includes link to tailored training, an option to SMS chat or speak with an agent
  • Amazon Connect provides SMS chat capability and out of the box callbacks are used to engage with the end user via voice
  • Kigali from AWS Marketplace provides detailed reporting for Amazon Connect


  • 34% increase in user adoption and enrollment
  • Reduced issue resolution time for training issues
  • Granular reporting on Amazon Connect
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