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PhoneGuru101 adds self-service IVR chatbot Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex

A leading provider of eLearning end user content focused on enterprise telecom providers such as Avaya and Cisco. PhoneGuru101 provides eLearning content for deskphone, softphone and other associated applications. To date, they have delivered over 1.5 million courses.

The company needed to support their large Business Partner community with self-serve options – allowing Business Partners to provide dedicated DID or Toll Free numbers to their end user customers. This allowed the Business Partners to direct callers in their Managed Service IVR to self-service options, preventing the need for an agent interaction. A user would call in, tell the speech-enabled chatbot which handset model and which feature they needed assistance on, provide an email or SMS-enabled number, and they would soon after receive a URL to access the eLearning content.

“Self-service was something our Managed Service customers were always requesting, but we didn’t know how to go about it, or how to avoid a large capital expense to get there. VT.Team showed us how quickly we can set this up on Amazon Connect, and brand each IvR for a specific customer.”

– Terri Lauderbaugh,
Chief Education Officer, PhoneGuru101

The solution was rounded off with an Amazon Connect reporting package called Kigali – a solution from AWS Partner CodeSoftware. This provided out of the box historical and real-time reporting for PG101, and will grow with the company over time.

VT.Team worked with the PG101 team to design the solution to meet the primary goal of allowing self-service
options for users; with our expertise in the Amazon Connect ecosystem we were able to quickly provide a working pilot, and we quickly moved from Pilot to Production. We are proud to help PhoneGuru101 elevate their service offering to their customers.

About PhoneGuru101
PhoneGuru101 is a leading provider of eLearning based end user training for telephone systems.Delivers eLearning content for Avaya & Cisco deskphones, softphones and other applications. Has provided over 1.5 million courses to enterprises and their users around the world.


  • Offer self-service options to Business Partners and customers
  • Robust reporting for SMS and voice interactions with customer
  • Minimal investment but scalable


  • Use Amazon Connect and Lex to provide a speech-enabled chatbot
  • Collect data and send email or SMS message based on user input
  • Kigali from AWS Marketplace provides detailed reporting for Amazon Connect


  • Over 3,000 contacts in the first two months of service
  • Reduced issue resolution time for training issues
  • Granular reporting on Amazon Connect
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