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Phenix Global sees significant benefit replacing their virtual receptionist with Amazon Connect

A growing consulting firm in the UC/CX marketplace helping customers with their on-premise contact centers, Phenix needed their own contact center solution without the expense and hassle of managing a PBX.

Previously, Phenix used a virtual receptionist offering, which provided some basic call tree functionality, but it just wasn’t working well, was clunky to manage and prices were higher than anticipated. With expected growth in to new areas, moving from consulting to service and support, Phenix needed to replace their service with one that was more agile.

VT.Team identified a cost saving and an opportunity to add speech-enabled functionality by replacing the existing call tree with a speech-enabled IVR, transcribed voice mail notifications and the ability to scale and grow the service as Phenix continued their strong growth.

“Amazon Connect has allowed my front desk operation to become much more professional, scalable and affordable. I was worried my team and I were missing messages when out on consulting engagements, but not any more!”

– Angie O’Donnell,
CEO, Phenix Global

About PhoneGuru101
A proud HUB consulting company offering telecom and contact center consulting to Business Partners and customers alike. Year on year growth of over 500% in the past 3 years.


  • Replace clunky virtual receptionist call tree Speech-enable IVR
  • Capture voice mails and send transcriptions to employees when they are in the field


  • Use Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex to provide the new IVR
  • Use Amazon Transcribe to transcribe voice mails
  • Use Amazon SES to send emails with VM transcriptions


  • Much more professional service when calling Phenix
  • Agility in adding new capabilities as Phenix grows
  • No more missed messages when out in the field
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