VT . Team launches crs to reduce inbound spam to contact centers

VT.Team is excited to release their new product offering for Amazon Connect called crs or Caller Reputation Service, a spam filtering tool to prevent your contact center from handling spam or robocalls – crs or Caller Reputation Service.

“We measured the amount of inbound spam call using crs and were surprised just how much volume we received. Using crs were able to make adjustments to reduce the amount of spam and have our agents take additional steps for callers with a negative caller reputation.”

IT Director,
Utility Sector Company

Our beta program found that inbound contact centers received from 0.01% to 1% volume of spam calls. This translates to 1,000 calls each month for a contact center handling 100,000 monthly calls. There is money lost in handling the call from a technology perspective, a human perspective and no doubt from a possible fraud angle also. Globally, it is estimated that 79 billion spam calls were made in 2021, with an estimated loss of $30bn. The number of spam calls is increasing globally by 32%.

This service provides inbound voice spam capabilities and the ability to check company-owned numbers to determine their risk for showing as spam when dialing outbound to customers. A business rules engine allows for treatment options for callers with a negative or blacklisted reputation; you can disconnect immediately, send to a human verification app that requires DTMF input to prove you are not a robocaller, or simply present to the agent but allow them to see the reputation score and take additional authentication steps as needed. The reputation score is a partnership with a global AI-powered spam and robocaller detection platform with hundreds of millions of dynamically scored telephone numbers and many carrier integrations.

In our trials with select customer across a range of industries, we found up to 1% of all calls were of a negative caller reputation, meaning for every 100,000 calls 1,000 of those could be a spam or robocaller, and each of those is money wasted if you do not use a service like crs.

Chris Marr,
CEO of VT.Team

We offer this service from $0.05 to $0.01 per call, in blocks of 10,000 calls per month, reach out to info@vt.team – coming soon to AWS Marketplace.

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